Of liberalism, nationalism and dissent


What this country needs is our insatiable thirst for patrimony. The thing with the radicalism, dynamism and activism of UP is something we all need to arrive at solutions to the ills of society.

I believe it is something that must be replicated in any university or college or school to remind ourselves of our duty to our God and country and to send the chilling reminder to government that we the people, is the government and the state.

Now, is love an invention or a discovery and in this context, i have discovered it in my many interactions with UP. It is in the way we see love for the nation that divest us of greed and the slavery of thought!

As I see society today and I pondered deeply: we are a society enslaved in ideas and thoughts. Gone are the exercise of our voices and the dynamism that goes with it. Gone are the waves of popular dissent that tells us our democracy is alive. We are in decayed slumber, wide awake yet immobilized out of fear and comfort which is a distinct contrast.

As I take a shower today, I felt the heated water on my back, releasing the tension and stress yet I have concluded that our society now is one without a heart. We rationalize events with imprecise interpretations yet we never felt how freedom drumbeats the heart. We have lost touch of an era where fervor and activism gets results, that in the exercise of people power, we instigate a personal revolution: a change in ourselves.

We must never forget how in years passed, our society is full of heroism by ordinary men and women; that in their patrimony, there was a liberation of sort. However, today, we have undefined liberation. We liberate ourselves from the clutches of poverty then but we are still in its quagmire nonetheless. We see how people’s greed rise to a callous disparity, never tempered.

What we need, is patrimony and the love for it.

Being a Model: The Fittings


Part of any serious model’s life is the fitting process. Before any runway show of any designer who has chosen their stable of models to walk for them and their wonderful creations, they will ask the models to come to their atelier or some modest hotel suites near the venue of the show, to do the fittings. The fittings will see to it that the model will look good on the pieces and of course, the creations to come alive as worn by the model.

As every show is a showcase of creativity, every designer is very particular on the reviews the show will get after the muse comes out and the curtail call closes. It is usually the media and public interests that will be sustained after the show that is essential and this is the reason why the fittings must be impeccable.


In the fittings, it is the first encounter of the model with the pieces he/she will be wearing on the runway.  It is the opportune time for the designer and the staff to finalize how the pieces will look and should look on a model’s body. Adjustments and additional refitting are made during the fitting session.

Here are some of the world’s top brands and how their models do their own fittings.

Being a Model: Casting


What most models do, freelance or not, is casting. The next big thing that happens to any model’s career starts with the casting process. The casting varies from designers and stylist and their teams. But mostly, the ultimate task for casting is to find the best suitable model to run the runway or wear the clothes.


Preparing for casting also varies from model to model. The best tips will have to be getting enough sleep prior to the casting calls as it pays more and more, in terms of chances, if a model comes in fresh and relaxed. A sound portfolio also serves as the best intro in all your past works without saying a word. But finally, being your best self is the best weapon at every casting call. Show your personality and your character during these castings, it will serve you well.

Here are videos which gives you an idea of how models underwent whenever they go for casting calls. I hope everyone the best modeling journey!

When the Angels lip sync “Shake It Off”, sexiness is redefined! MUST WATCH!!!


Taylor Swift’s famous Shake it Off got more raves after the Victoria Secret angels dance and lip sync to her song which made rounds in so many social media accounts and taken the fashion world in storm.

Featuring supermodels  Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Behati Prinsloo, Candice Swanepoel, Doutzen Kroes, Karlie Kloss and Lily Aldridge. These angels provided all of us a glimpse of their rehearsals and behind-the-scenes prior to the 2014 Victoria Secret Fashion Show in London, United Kingdom.

Shake it Off girls! As a photographer, it is my dreamt to one day, work with superb models who are carefree and jolly shaking it off for my camera.

Model Profile: Joti Blooms

insidefashionPH joti 2014

insidefashionPH Joti Blooms 2014 6



DSC_0294dx (2)

Model Information:

Age: 24 | Height:  170cm | Weight: 51kg | Chest: 34IN | Waist: 26IN | Shoe size:8/9 | Hair Color:Brown |

Eye Color: Black | Nationality: Filipina-Indian | Agency at present: Freelance


First set: HMUA: Lesley Jane Pascual | Pamm Villaluz | PH Assistant: Joel Misa | Location: Makati City

Second set: Designer: Xioti Chiu | HMUA: January Saga Abad | Location: Pink Manila Hostel, Manila

Model Profile: Angel Ocampo of Ze Models






Model Information:

Height: 6’1 | Weight:  120 lbs | Chest: 33 | Waist: 25 | Shoe size: 11 | Hair Color: Black | Eye Color: Brown

Nationality: Filipino | Agency at present:  Ze Models Manila


Styling: Sancho Bernardo | Designer: Dobie Aranda | HMUA: Jerry Moyco Consulta | Location: Studio Nirvana